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Many factors can be responsible for low back pain.  One of the most common is irritated or pinched nerves in the low back.  There are many pain-sensing nerves in the spine.  They supply the facets, discs and muscles.  Irritation to these nerves can cause pain in the back, down the legs, into the abdomen, or any combination thereof.  Depending on which nerve fibers are pinched or irritated, you could have symptoms of pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, or even changes in your bowels or bladder.

Surgical treatment could include removing parts of the bone or disc that is irritating the nerves.  Unfortunately, when this is done, it often creates instability in the spine, alters biomechanics, and can lead to arthritis or accelerated degeneration.  If you remove the disc, you no longer have the cushion between the bones that absorbs the force of daily trauma.  If you fuse the spine, the surrounding areas will compensate by becoming hyper mobile and will degenerate faster.  If you cut away part of the spine, you lose structural integrity.  However, none of these procedures can be done without first cutting away the muscles that are in the way of the surgery.

Drugs will cover up the symptoms, but will not treat the cause.  When you stop taking the drugs, the pain often returns.  I have never met a patient who was suffering from a Tylenol deficiency.  All drugs have side effects and many side effects can be worse than the original condition.  Some drugs may mask the pain which could let a potentially dangerous condition get worse.  Physical therapy is good but physical therapy alone is often not enough.  Chiropractic works well with physical therapy to correct the cause as well as strengthen and stabilize the area.

Chiropractic has one of the best long term and short term patient satisfaction ratings for acute and chronic low back pain sufferers.  Chiropractic has been recommended by many government research projects as one of the, if not the most effective forms of treatment and is cost effective.

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