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If my symptoms are gone, why would I continue seeing the chiropractor?

Symptoms usually appear in the last phase of a health problem and are the first to disappear when you begin chiropractic care. However, the spinal problem, called a subluxation*, that caused the symptoms does not go away as quickly. Your chiropractor is trained to treat the cause of your problem, not just the symptoms. Before you received chiropractic care, your body had to compensate for poor spinal alignment. Your nervous system, which runs through your spine, could not function properly and this eventually contributed to your health problems. It’s easy for the spine to fall into old patterns of misalignment and malfunction. That’s why, at regular intervals, your chiropractor will re-evaluate your progress and will suggest options for continuing care, even if your symptoms are gone. For a brochure explaining subluxations, ask your Seattle Chiropractor.

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