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  • The last chiropractor I went too, kept recommended I keep coming back over and over again. I was hesitant to see Dr. Walia but he came highly recommended from people I trust. Dr. Walia actually listened to my problems and when I felt better he gave me choices. He did not tell me to come back all the time, he gave me stretches and exercises to do at home. I really appreciate this approach.

  • About a year ago, I was involved in a car accident. I was rear-ended and suffered neck, jaw, shoulder and back pain. The days that followed were terrible. I was disoriented and anxious. I struggled to understand insurance procedures, find treatment, and understand my injuries. Shortly after the accident, I was referred to Dr. Walia. I found him to be very knowledgeable and competent regarding the nature of my injuries, insurance procedures, a treatment plan, and coordinating care between multiple providers. I would be hard-pressed to have found a more competent, caring, and talented healer to facilitate my recovery. I believe he has a genuine interest in the overall well-being of his patients, as exhibited by his concern not only for my pain, but for my day-to-day life as it has been affected by my injuries. He has given me advice on working out, losing weight and referred me out to other health care providers when necessary. I feel blessed to have a team of health care providers now!

  • Dr. Jas is an awesome teacher and chiropractor. I have learned so much from him being a student and a patient. He has his own unique style that works great.

  • I have been to many chiropractors before. Dr Walia’s neck adjustments are amazing. They are so gentle and smooth. Before I use to get anxious about going to the chiropractor now I love to go.

  • I have seen both Dr. Jas for four years and feel that he really cares about me and my health. Routine adjustments help keep me from experiencing headaches and hip pain like I did before.

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